Front end is a term used to distinguish software interfaces and applications referred to the first user of these services and interfaces. A front-end software application is the one that users operate or work with directly. While a back-end software application or program is the one that serves not straight in support of the front-end applications, particularly by being related to the needed resource or including the capability to work with the needed resource. The back-end software application might work straight with the front-end or, possibly more naturally, is a software program called through a transitional program that intervene front-end and back-end activities.

For instance, the Library Application Software Program Interface is occasionally called as a front-end application interface for Library services. A program's Library Application Software Program requests are combined by Microsoft's LAPI active Link Library programs to a "back- end" application software or driver that converts the more thorough series of requirements to the Library hardware.

As one more case in point, front-end application software may interface straight with users and forward needs to a remotely placed back-end application in another PC to get requested information or carry out a requested facility. In relation to the client/server computing approach, a front-end is possible to be a client and a back-end to be a server.
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